• Sadie's Stocking Cross Stitch COMPLETE KIT


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    Sadie's Cross Stitch Stocking COMPLETE KIT By Shepherd's Bush Printworks

    "Aunt Sadie was my grandmother's sister. She had bright red hair and was always sweet and funny. I remember going to visit her in Salt Lake City each Christmastime when I was quite young, and my own very proper grandmother would insist that we dress up- even little white gloves - and be on our best behavior. (Teri was probably not allowed to accompany us.) She lived in an old house and always let us sit in her living room where she served us tea and fruitcake - neither of which I really wanted to eat. What I anted to do was explore her house and play with the unusual ornaments on her tree. But Nana would fix her eyes on us and we could do nothing else but try to munch and sip happily. I have no idea how old I was when the Yuletide visits stopped, but I have long treasured the memories of Sadie "

    Approximate Finished Size 19"in. H X 13"'in. W at bottom of stocking


    • Sadie's Stocking Thread Kit( $43.50) (Threads are as shown in picture. DMC, Classic Colorworks & Weeks Dye Works)
    • Buttons & Charm Pack( $20.00)
    • 18 Ct. Natural Linen and Pattern( $27.00)

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