• Quilting in the Coop


    Quilting in the Coop by Emily McGlothlen, for The Little Red Hen

    The Little Red Hen found the sees, cut the wheat, carried the flour, and baked the bread. We all have a Little Red Hen in us. We work hard and stress ourselves to get through the day. We often don't get the help of others we might need at times. We press on, hoping that one day like "The Little Red Hen", that we might get to enjoy our bread.

    Our hope for you is that you take the time to enjoy your," bread" of life. Delight in the things you love and feel accomplished by what you create. Hopefully, you'll find a little "bread"  Quilting in the Coop! This was our first book  released in 2012 and we are so EXCITED to share it with you.  Our book features 14 patterns in a 36 page full color book. 

    The patterns included are listed below. We offer kits for projects listed in red below, Click on project below to see the kit!

    - Flower Patch (15" x15" Quilt)
    - Irish Blessing (7 1/2"x19 1/2 Framed Wool Applique)
    - Welcome to All (14"x17 Framed Wool Applique)
    - Bizzy Bee Wool Candle Mat
    - Bizzy Bee Pin Cushion
    - Grandma's Kitchen (22"x22" Redwork Quilt)
    - All Around the Hen House Quilt 62"x73"
    Stars and Stripes Table Runner
    - All American (85"x85")
    - Carrot and Catnip (Stuffed Prim Bunny and Cats)
    - Little Star (14 1/2" x 14 1/2" Quilt)
    - Bloom Pillow (12" Round Flower Applique Pillow)
    - Laundry Fun (11"x30" Applique Curtain or Framed)
    - My Garden (Towel Stitchery)