• Mary's Stocking Cross Stitch COMPLETE KIT


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    Mary's Cross Stitch Stocking COMPLETE KIT By Shepherd's Bush Printworks

    "As I designed this stocking for my great-niece, I thought a lot about that spiral of life which moves us from year to year and generation. So this stocking is in honor of that remarkable family tree of which we all inhabit a unique branch. It is for grandmothers who become memories, for children who become moms, and for dreams which become babies. It's also for Sophie Mary, who brought with her a little piece of heaven."

    Approximate Finished Size 19"in. H X 13"'in. W at bottom of stocking


    • Mary's Stocking Thread Kit( $30.00) (Threads are as shown in picture. DMC Threads only)
    • Buttons & Charm Pack( $20.00)
    • 18 Ct. Natural Linen and Pattern( $27.00)

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