• Lula's Stocking Cross Stitch COMPLETE KIT


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    Lula's Cross Stitch Stocking COMPLETE KIT By Shepherd's Bush Printworks

    "Lula was our paternal grandmother's name. Crazy...Eccentric...Cool.., Right? I didn't know her for very long and only when I was a very young child, but I remember that she did the funniest things that just delighted my cousins and myself. I remember their house being old and odd with strange places to hide and look through things. And I recall one Christmas when she bought and set up one of those metallic trees that had a rotating colored light projected onto it. My parents were utterly shocked, but secretly I was totally fascinated and could not keep from sitting in front of it watching the colors change. I had never imagined anything like that. And sometimes... all these years later... when Teri or I do something completely unexpected and odd -- or eccentric and cool-- we just look at each other and smile. Hmmm ... genetics."

    Approximate Finished Size 19"in. H X 13"'in. W at bottom of stocking


    • Lula's Stocking Thread Kit( $47.00) (Threads are as shown in picture. DMC, Classic Colorworks & Weeks Dye Works)
    • Buttons & Charm Pack( $20.00)
    • 18 Ct. Natural Linen and Pattern( $27.00)

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