Jack-o-lantern Lane: a Pumpkin Wooly Mystery ALL BLOCKS


Exclusive: Complete Quilt Blocks and Finishing Kit!

Secure your complete set of quilt blocks and the finishing kit by pre-ordering today! This is the ultimate way to ensure that you receive every single block without any hassle. Once you've placed your pre-order, we'll automatically ship your block to you on the 5th and 20th of each month, and guess what? Shipping is absolutely FREE!

By pre-ordering the entire set, you not only guarantee that you won't miss out on any blocks, but you also save on shipping costs. The total cost of the blocks remains the same as purchasing them individually, but with the added benefit of consolidated shipping savings!

Please note that these kits do not include a printed pattern. Don't worry though, you can easily download the pattern from our dedicated Facebook group. It's a great way to connect with fellow quilters, share your progress, and get inspired!

We must regretfully inform our international customers that this pre-order offer is only valid for the continental US due to shipping costs. If you're outside the US and have placed an order, we sincerely apologize, but we'll need to cancel it.

Don't miss out on this exclusive pre-order opportunity to complete your quilt blocks collection hassle-free and enjoy free shipping along the way! Place your order now and get ready for a delightful quilting journey.

Blocks will Ship as Followed: 

May 20 - Block 1 

June 5 - Block 2

June 20 - Block 3

July 5 - Block 4 

July 20 - Block 5 

August 5 - Block 6

August 20 - Finishing 

This kit does NOT include the thread.

If you would just like the pattern you can download it in our facebook group: The Little Red Hen's Wooly Mysteries | Facebook