• Harry's Stocking Cross Stitch COMPLETE KIT


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    Harry's Cross Stitch Stocking COMPLETE KIT By Shepherd's Bush Printworks

    "My Grandfather, Harry, died when I was three years old. I have only skittering recollections of him which have created an aura of fondness which I cherish. Three things bring him back to me in a startle of memory: pipes, Hershey Kisses, and Christmas trees. I have his photograph on my piano and I look at it sometimes and try to bring him back in my mind. But the best I get, is a flash of warmth and remembered toddler happiness. Recently I found a picture --an old tin type-- taken of him when he was about 12, and there was my Peter staring back at me. So this stocking is for Harry, for the Christmas trees he spent days decorating at my Grandmother's ballet studio, for the tiny chocolate gifts, for the comforting smell of pipe smoke, and for the lingering pieces of his soul which yet float in a woman's memories and a child's eyes"

    Approximate Finished Size 19"in. H X 13"'in. W at bottom of stocking


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