Brett's Stocking Pattern & Linen ONLY


Brett's Stocking Pattern & Linen ONLY By Shepherd's Bush Printworks

"When we were growing up, one of our family's Christmas Eve traditions before bed was to sing Christmas carols. Beginning with the youngest child and going up to the oldest grandparent, we each got to choose our favorite song to be sung by all; after I had taken 2 weeks of piano lessons, I was a frightening , but tenacious accompanist. Most everyone's choice of song changed throughout the decades with Teri and I gleefully holding out for Rudolph or Up on the Housetop for many many years. But my Nana and my brother, Brett always had their own favorite songs - not to be chosen by any other person. I can never sing, "We Three Kings" without tears in my eyes and the echo of Brett's booming, albeit off-key voice, echoing in my heart. This stocking is for those ancient, wise travelers, and enthusiastic carolers alike"

Approximate Finished Size 19"in. H X 13"'in. W at bottom of stocking

*Include Pattern and 18ct Natural Linen

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