Bob Bancks - There are Bears


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There are Bears Book by Bob Bancks

When Bobbi returned to her quiet home town of Maquoketa, Iowa with her husband, Dan, she wanted to carry out her childhood dreams of becoming farmer. She didn’t realize her former high school boyfriend, Todd, was still in love with her. Todd was the most eligible bachelor in town and a handsome one at that. Because of their financial situation Dan had to find a job away from the farm. Bobbi was home alone most of the time. The farm needed supplies to operate and the local co-op provided those supplies. Todd worked the co-op, so this gave Todd many opportunities to visit Bobbi on the farm. He seemed to Johnny-on-spot each time she needed help when husband Dan wasn’t available. Todd came to the rescue in snowstorms, after a severe windstorm and when Bobbi’s father had an accident. Her husband, Dan, unfortunately was deployed to Afghanistan. It left the door wide open for Todd. He appeared more often and Bobbi felt him undressing her with his eyes each time he came. She tried to prove Todd was stalking her, but her past relationship with him had people turning a deaf ear. Finally, with time running short, Todd decided he needed to do something drastic, so with the help of his father, he kidnapped Bobbi and her daughter. His plan was to escape to Canada and force Bobbi to live with him. His plan almost works until his father decides to exhort his will on the escape. Bobbi has to survive the fight between father and son to stay alive

From the Author, Bob Bancks 

"When I retired I started writing stories about my rural life. Soon some of the short stories became novels. They were the reflection of the times and trials of rural people. In rural areas, the neighbors and friends are always important. My father, Carl, always claimed a farmer could not live without his neighbors. He also taught me to treat everyone as an equal. I have tried to follow his advice. I hope you will find my stories amusing, or heartbreaking or comforting.

They all come from the heart of an Iowa Farm Boy."    - Bob Bancks, Iowa Farm Boy