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    The Fourth Generation Book by Bob Bancks

    When you were a child, did you ever wish you had a secret place where no one would find you? A place where you could run free and imagine cowboys, fairies, and leprechauns. A place where you could splash in a gently flowing creek, surrounded by acres of corn, soybeans, and pasture. Such was the idyllic realm of the Maas children, Ed, Tim, and Jenny- the fourth generation to grow up on one special Iowa farm. Some of the stories in The Fourth Generation are humorous and others are fraught with peril. Jenny, in particular, gets herself into many scrapes- almost drowning after breaking through thin ice, nearly being crushed by a steer at the county fair, and falling into a watering tank. As the children grow older, their lives are filled with romance-and disappointments-but the sand dune that had played such an important role in their parents' lives is always there, patiently waiting to offer solace or romantic adventure. These are the continuing stories of the Maas family-rural Iowans with a fierce determination to carry on their farm's legacy.

    From the Author, Bob Bancks 

    "When I retired I started writing stories about my rural life. Soon some of the short stories became novels. They were the reflection of the times and trials of rural people. In rural areas, the neighbors and friends are always important. My father, Carl, always claimed a farmer could not live without his neighbors. He also taught me to treat everyone as an equal. I have tried to follow his advice. I hope you will find my stories amusing, or heartbreaking or comforting.

    They all come from the heart of an Iowa Farm Boy."    - Bob Bancks, Iowa Farm Boy