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    Call Sara Book by Bob Bancks

    In continuation of a short series of stories, we find Sara Maas, the widow of Paul Maas, in the novel "The Nightgown" lonely and worried of what life holds for her future. She quickly finds out that many people need her. She fixes fences with her son's family and fills in for an injuured neighboring farm wife. Through her live in school teacher she returns to teaching and helping others. This new career is sandwiched in between taking care of her aging mother and mother-in-law. When anyone needs a helping hand or advice, they call Sara.

    While being a teacher's helper, she and a student are kidnapped buy a frustrated father. She and her little partner survive terror of being captive,whippings by the captor, and spend several days locked in a steel grain bin.

    She meets Dan, a fellow teacher, and cannot decide if she loves him or not. He tries to become her best friend, but not for the reason of companionship, but for his gain. His photography excellence lures Sara on. The twist and turns of this psuedo-courtship lead Sara through an interesting period. But is he the one? You'll have to read the book to find out.

    From the Author, Bob Bancks 

    "When I retired I started writing stories about my rural life. Soon some of the short stories became novels. They were the reflection of the times and trials of rural people. In rural areas, the neighbors and friends are always important. My father, Carl, always claimed a farmer could not live without his neighbors. He also taught me to treat everyone as an equal. I have tried to follow his advice. I hope you will find my stories amusing, or heartbreaking or comforting.

    They all come from the heart of an Iowa Farm Boy."    - Bob Bancks, Iowa Farm Boy