• Anna's Stocking Cross Stitch COMPLETE KIT


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    Anna's Stocking COMPLETE KIT By Shepherd's Bush Printworks

    "I have always loved angels. I can't say that I collect them except in my soul--I just love them. Over the years Bob has given me unusual angels which I cherish, and we always seem to look for them when we go on travels. The summer we went to Italy, I spent many many hours sketching little angels from corners of old churches, ancient stone windows, and old hipp top gates. I look at them now & then, and they make my heart happy. These little fragments from ages ago sometimes find their way into a stitched wing or halo. This is for the angels in all of us--young and old alike

    Approximate Finished Size 19"in. H X 13"'in. W at bottom of stocking


    • Anna's Stocking Thread Kit( $40.00) (Threads are as shown in picture. 

    Size 5 Pearl Cotton DMC, Weeks Dye Works, & Classic Colorworks)

    • Anna's Buttons & Charm Pack( $20.00)
    • 18 Ct. Natural Linen and Anna's Stocking Pattern( $28.00)

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