4502 - Camelia


4502 -  Camelia, DMC Mouline Coloris Embroidery Thread

 Multi-coloured Coloris stranded cotton Combining four complimentary colours in each skein of six stranded cotton The complete colour change every 5cm enables you to easily achieve intricate effects with one thread

 Coloris is a single-thickness thread and measures 8m in length. While Coloris was designed for cross-stitch, it can also be used with other embroidery stitches, especially the flat point.

Care and Washing: Use a mild detergent. After washing, wrap the embroidery in a towel to remove excess water, then dry horizontally. To iron, put the embroidery on a clean cloth (preferably while still damp), and iron on the reverse side. Always keep the recommended heat setting for the fabric in mind.