2019 Spring Retreat

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We do our best to accommodate friends

Join us for our annual spring retreat at Spring Valley Bible Camp in Muscatine, Iowa!!  It's a free-form retreat with just a few fun activities sprinkled in.

Retreat starts at 10:00 a.m. Thursday and ends at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday.  


What you need to bring

You will need to bring the following:

·       * Bedding:  A set of twin size sheets, a quilt, and a pillow

·       * Your own bath towels

·       * Your own sewing supplies


* You are welcome to bring whatever makes you feel comfortable as if you were sewing at home.  This could include your own chair, lamp, and whatever else you would like.  It would be helpful if you brought a power strip and an extra cord if you have one. When packing please keep in mind Spring Valley Bible Camp has a no alcohol policy.


What We Provide

We will provide your meals, including lunch on Thursday.  We will have coffee and water available.  If you would like anything else to drink, please bring it. Please keep in mind Spring Valley Bible Camp has a no alcohol policy.

We are also providing ironing boards, irons, and cutting mats.  You may find you want to bring your own if don’t want to share with everyone. As well all know irons pull a lot of power so if you choose to bring your own iron we ask you try to share one with your table.


Room Information

Each room has 6 bunk beds making them capable of holding 12 people.  We will not be putting quilters on top bunks unless you request a top bunk.  Please let us know who you would like to room with and we will do our best to keep friends together.  We have 3 private rooms located on the main floor of the retreat center.  These rooms have one queen size bed in them.  They are an additional $50.  These rooms are intended for those with limited mobility.

Other Info

We no longer offer a 3 day package.  Retreat purchases are non-refundable unless due to medical emergency or extreme circumstances.